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Update from our Head of School - June 2, 2023

Dear Students and Families,

What an exciting time here at Truxton Academy! Students are finishing up their end of year testing, SUNY Charter Institute was here for their annual visit, our garden is growing, children are learning how to ride bicycles, it’s almost time for our first school musical and the end of the year is fast approaching! I am so very proud of our students and staff here as we move forward to an exciting school year next year and open our final grade -6th!

Mrs. S.

Upcoming Dates

June 5 Board Meeting 7pm

June 6 Cortland Dairy Parade line up on Maple Ave at 5:45pm

June 8 Field Days (Rain Date June 9)

June 14 Seussical The Musical 6pm

June 15 Donuts with Dads 9am

June 16 Kindergarten Graduation 5:45pm

June 16 Grades 4 & 5 Field Lesson to The Wild 9am

June 19 No School - Juneteenth

June 21 Student of the Month Celebration

June 22 Last Day of School for Truxton Academy!

Updates for the Classrooms:


This week in kindergarten we:

*Described the differences between a President and a king

*Learned about George Washington and how he fought for American Independence

*Practiced drawing teen numbers from abstract to pictorial

*Created habitats out of recycled items for the animals we've been studying during science

*Designed a paper chain countdown for the last day of school :)

First Grade

This week in 1st grade we:

-learned more sign language in our sign language song! Ask your kiddo to sing it for you!

-learned the sound 'aw' makes.

-review our new phonics tricks! 'oo', 'ou/ow', and 'oi'

-finished Unit 3 on Fables. Students were so excited to show off their knowledge!

-learned about adding and subtracting groups of ten!

-learned a new strategy from one of our classmates that makes Math easier!

-continued to be an astronomer and learned about the moon, stars and planets. Ask your kiddos how the earth rotates, what atmosphere is, what a star is made of, why stars look so small, what a shooting star really is, if the moon makes its own light, and why the moon looks like it's glowing!

-learned about the word hypothesis

-made a hypothesis on what the inside of our chicken eggs look like

-celebrated 2 birthdays!

-read a Mercy Watson book with Ms Laurie

-planted in the garden with Ms. Jaime

-exploded our volcanoes with Mrs. Boyden and Ms. Crystal!

*Picked a song and dance for our performance at the graduation ceremony :)

Second Grade

Ask your Second Grader about...

-the /er/ "Bossy R" sound they worked with in the games Cats and Dogs and Diamond Dig,

-working on making their reading more fluent by talking like the characters and reading at just the right pace,

-reading a non-fiction text about robot (drones) lifeguards and how they help human lifeguards,

-reading about ways to stay safe in summer,

-designing their own robot,

-what they learned about baby otters from their reading,

-subtracting 2D-2D with borrowing,

-how they know when they have to borrow,

-our new favorite rap song to help us know when to borrow..."More on floor...go next door!"

-how their bean and corn plants are doing,

-observing a bee (thanks Sydney!) under our smartboard microscope and what they noticed,

-and Ms. Bella's snack time storytelling!

Third Grade

This week in Third Grade we:

*learned the different spelling patterns for long a. We can use a_e (with a one syllable base word, long a is in the beginning or middle of a word), ay (one syllable base word and long a is at the end of the word), or just a (multisyllabic word with a long a at the end of a syllable).

*changed it up and played four corners to identify the parts of speech for our spelling words and wrote high quality sentences using our words

*started our continent project we discussed how effective cooperative small groups look and sound and researched the maps, countries, and climates of our continent

*explored perimeter. We added to find the perimeter of already labeled shapes, figured out the length of a missing side when we know the perimeter of the whole shape, and measured different shapes using our yard sticks. We also went out to the garden and measured the perimeter and area of our garden plot in preparation for planting!

*really enjoyed reading and working with the Greek play "The Snake Haired Monster" about Perseus and Medusa

*continued our alphabet countdown with Energy Saved, Energy Spent; Fun with Fractions using trail mix, Guess Who (lesser known facts about classmates to see how well we know each other), Hat Day, and Interesting Information Day

*continued to stress how HELPFUL choices move us forward and identify the less helpful choices which get us stuck

Fourth Grade

We took the NYS 4th grade field test for Math earlier in the week and finished presentations about COHO Salmon that students created on Google Slides. We also discussed our field trip to Local Coho.

In math we introduced the four quadrants of a graph and how to plot points correctly. We also learned what x and y axis of a graph.

Fifth Grade

5th grade has been working on Biomes in Science, we have investigated the desert and will be working on the forest biome this coming week. We have been learning about different types of graphing, analyzing data in math, and moving into the stone age with social studies learning about the beginnings of societies in the coming week. We have finished our novel study of A Long Way From Chicago, completing comprehension, figurative language and learning a bit about the 1920s-1930s history along the way.


In PE we learned frisbee skills and tested them out with frisbee golf!

In STEM this week we erupted our volcanoes we made in art with Ms. Crystal with our chemical reactions we learned about!


In Spanish we worked with numbers and learned to skip count by 5s and 10s


This week has been all garden! The first seedling are popping up and we're finally ready to put our frost sensitive plants in. All the grades have done a fantastic job building and caring for our garden beds and have earned a popsicle party during their RLL time next week!

Songs to practice for the Musical

Grades K-5:

Oh the Thinks you can Think!

Green Eggs and Ham

Oh the thinks you can think (finale)

Grade 2:

Horton sits on the egg/Dilemma

Grade 3:

Here on Who

Grade 4 and 5:

Monkey Around/Chasing the Whos

Events are posted on our website calendar, Facebook page, and Classroom Dojo!

Let us know if you need information on any upcoming events.

Kerryanne Schenck Head of School Truxton Academy Charter School pronouns: she, her, hers

Office: (607) 842-6252 Ext. 109 Cell: (607) 218-2268

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