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Come explore the world with us!

Imagine a school where hands-on learning happens everyday in a Rural Life Lab, fresh meals are served daily, Spanish language education starts in kindergarten, and students learn to work together in a supportive community environment. 


Welcome to tuition-free Truxton Academy Charter School.  Now Enrolling for 2023-2024, grades K-6. We are New York State's first public rural charter school, located in the heart of central New York.   


Our School Culture

Hands-On Learning 
Exceptional Educators

Our goal is to grow confident, productive, intelligent, caring students into responsible, successful adults. 

Using hands-on, project based methods, Truxton Academy incorporates a research-based curriculum for language arts, math, science and social studies.

Our Staff is a community of intrepid educators working to explore the world of learning with our students.   

School Family

Truxton Academy's goal is to create and maintain a safe, positive, respectful school family culture.  We celebrate family involvement and look forward to getting to know our students and their families.  

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