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Why Choose Truxton Academy?

At Truxton Academy, our goal is to grow confident, productive, intelligent, caring students into responsible, successful adults.

Truxton Academy incorporates a research- based curriculum for language arts,  math, science, and social studies using a project- based approach.  Parents are encouraged to be actively involved.

Spanish Language


Our program is introduced to to all students in each grade. Having Spanish instruction in the earliest grades provides an expanded learning opportunity for all students, improving their intellectual capabilities and creating an innovative teaching experience not only for the students, but for our whole school family.

The Spanish program is focused both on Spanish language proficiency, and cultural knowledge and understanding. Each year, our Spanish curriculum focuses on different themes and cultural concepts.



As a charter school, we have to meet all of the New York State standards just as any other school does. We do not, however, have to use a set curriculum to do so. We are taking the science standards as a theme to guide us and embedding math, literacy, and social studies, as well as Spanish and the arts into projects based on those standards.


Our focus is hands-on inquiry-based learning. Our students have opportunities to learn outside as well as inside and our classrooms are planned with flexible seating and lots of movement opportunities.

We believe that kids learn and understand best by doing and that is a key guiding principle in all of the planning we do.

Project-Based Learning


Project-Based Learning (PBL) is a dynamic instructional model that aims at engaging students with significant content through the investigation of real-world problems.  PBL uses an active learning approach where students gain knowledge about discipline specific concepts within the context of the problem and further develop their understanding through the application of acquired knowledge in developing a solution.


It serves as a engaging approach to increase student interest in learning while authentically preparing students to be college and career ready.

Rural Life Lab


The Rural Life Lab provides students, teachers, and community volunteers the opportunity to integrate technology, agriculture, and environmental education into core academics.  


Our 5-year plan includes development of a greenhouse, chicken coop, animal barn and garden for students to practice skills and engage in hands-on projects.  


Each classroom is responsible for part of the care and maintenance of our Rural Life Lab and are partnered with an area agri-business.  Students benefit from this partnership through field trips, observations, guidance, and support in learning to understand and respect the value and rigor of farm family life.

School Family Culture


Truxton Academy's goal is to create and maintain a safe, positive, respectful school family culture for all children, staff, and families.

In order to accomplish this, we utilize Conscious Discipline, positive, skill-based program that helps schools, educators, parents, and students learn the skills needed to resolve conflicts and support self-regulation.  It teaches us to strengthen and build respectful relationships with ourselves, peers and parents. 


It creates a positive, healthy School Family that brings everyone into the fold as caring, contributing members!

Physical Education


Our program is designed to enhance the social and emotional learning of students encouraging teamwork and problem solving while engaged in healthy challenging activities.


Students have opportunities for hiking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, gardening, simple construction, orienteering, and other activities appropriate for their age and ability. 

Caring for gardens and animals in the Rural Life Lab, students learn the importance of healthy bodies as well as healthy lifestyle choices as they mature.


Surrounding communities have local access to several ADA-accessible areas, including Labrador Hollow Unique Area, Tinker Falls Trail and Labrador Mountain Ski Center, providing additional opportunities for students with special needs to learn with their peers. 

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