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"As a charter school, we have to meet all of the New York State standards just as any other school does. We do not, however, have to use a set curriculum to do so. We will be taking the science standards as a theme to guide us and then embedding math, literacy, and social studies, as well as Spanish and the arts into projects based on those standards. Our focus is hands-on inquiry-based learning. Our students will have opportunities to learn outside as well as inside and we are planning our classrooms with flexible seating and lots of movement opportunities. In our kindergarten classrooms, we are not planning on having kids have assigned seats and there will be minimal worksheet work. Writing and drawing will be done in journals to record observations and communicate learning as well as incorporated into projects. We believe that kids learn and understand best by doing and that is a key guiding principle in all of the planning we do".

Sara Petit-McClure

Founding Head of School


Truxton Academy Charter School

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