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Update from our Head of School - September 18, 2020

Our second week of school went very well!  As we move into fall, our students have been observing changes in the weather and the plants outside.  I hope you take some time this weekend as a family to get outside and notice the changes in our environment.

Week in Review

This week we had our first fire drill and the students did a fantastic job of being safe and exiting the building quickly and quietly.  All of our students are continuing to learn the procedures and routines of learning, in-person or virtually.  On Wednesday, our students listened to Giraffes Can't Dance and shared goals they have for themselves that they want to practice.  Our students want to do everything from learning to gallop to learning to read, to learning to do a backflip.  

Our kindergarten and first grade students did some breathing and observation outside during Mindfulness with Ms. Jess.  They began constructing a Gratitude Tree in our hallway where we can all think about and record things we are grateful for.  All of our kindergarten and first grade students, virtual and in-person, have been working on counting and addition in math.  They have been working on writing by drawing a picture and adding the words that they can to their stories in ELA.

Our second graders have been continuing to practice writing as they write letters to the fairy they built a house for.  The fairy left the students pepper seeds which they are going to plant and observe.  The students have also been working on numbers and showing Ms. Sol what they can do in math.

This week, our third grade students have been working on multiplication by writing and solving word problems.  They have also worked on writing by writing a paragraph setting a goal for themselves for the school year.  They are excited to begin a project on trees and transform their classroom into a forest.

In Physical Education this week students have been doing relay races, working on pathway and direction.  They have been practicing movements that go with the terms, over, under, through, around, etc.  Our virtual students have been practicing the same movements and played a game using these movements in their live class with Mrs. Boyden today.  Make sure to check out Mrs. Boyden's Instagram and Twitter pages to see what our students are doing.  

This week Hispanic Heritage Month began on the 15th.  Senorita Jasmine shared some information about this with our students in Spanish.  Here is some information if you want to learn more: 

Additionally, kids in the kindergarten and first grade group have been practicing color names in Spanish.  Kids in 2nd and 3rd grade have been continuing work on their Spanish greeting by writing letters using the phrases they have learned.   

Staffing Updates We are sad to say good-bye to Mr. D'Antonio, our first grade teacher.  Tuesday, 9/22, will be his last day at our school.  He will miss all of the students and we wish him all of the best in the future.  Our new first grade teacher will be Brianna Smith.  Ms. Smith is very excited to join our school team.  She will begin next week on Tuesday so the students will get to know her and also get an opportunity to say good-bye to Mr. D.  

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