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Update from our Head of School - September 25, 2020

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Hello Families, Happy Fall!  Fall started this week on 9/22 and we have had a wonderful week of sunny days.  Students have been getting outside for meals, PE, and various other lessons throughout the week.  We have been very lucky with the weather! Thank you to Mrs. Hull for guest hosting All-School Meeting this week as Ms. Petit-McClure was busy in meetings.  Ms. Petit-McClure will be back next week with a new story.  She missed seeing everyone's faces this Wednesday.   Our teachers began planning our first all-school project this Wednesday which students will complete at home.  This will be shared with families in the next week so students can begin work at home on Wednesdays in October. Updates from the classrooms: In PE this week, students have begun a unit on soccer.  They are learning ball skills and kicking.   This week in third grade we were very busy learning and having fun. We learned the (ng) sound and you may be surprised to learn that it is spelled with only an n before a k in a word, like in sink. We got outside and chose a tree to adopt and study. We hope to build models of our trees inside to make a classroom forest. We also took our first math quiz and worked really hard to complete the multiplication work. Most importantly, we worked together to create rules for our classroom this year. Following rules will help us reach our goals.  In second grade students have also been working to create school rules and procedures.  They have been working on building routines for reading and math and continue writing letters to the fairies they built a house for.  This week the fairy brought them books that are just at their level to read. In our K/1 team, we said good-bye to Mr. D this week and welcomed Ms. Smith. Kindergarten and first grade students have also been practicing writing, counting, and reading and are doing a great job learning the routines of school.  They have enjoyed their outdoor work time and are growing plants which will be coming home next week. In Mindfulness class this week the kindergartners and first graders are learning that mindfulness is paying attention to what is happening right now. To help them do that, they practiced having a mindful body, a quiet, still body and mindful listening, focusing just on sounds they hear at that moment. They also practiced gratitude by writing why they are grateful for someone in their lives and added that to our school's Gratitude Tree.    In Spanish, our kindergarten and first grade students continue to play games and practice their color words.  Our second and third graders have continued practicing their greeting and also been learning about some aspects of Latinx culture for Hispanic Heritage month.  

Upcoming Dates:

9/27- Fundraiser at Trinity Valley (purchase tickets for any time on 9/27 at, enter OWLS in the discount code and coupons section to ensure they know the ticket is being purchased through our fundraiser)

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