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Update from our Head of School - April 10,2020

Hello Families,

We hope you all have had a great week and gotten outside to enjoy some Spring weather as your children learned about Spring before Winter returned today.  Hopefully it will be short lived and we will return to Spring weather again by next week.  I know this is a holy week for some families with the celebrations of Passover, Good Friday, and Easter.  We hope that you are able to find ways to connect with loved ones virtually if you are celebrating this week.   Important Updates School Closure Period As many of you may already know, Governor Cuomo has now extended his PAUSE order, mandating school closures and other restrictions, until April 29th.  This means that we will be continuing learning at home until at least April 29th.  Our teachers are compiling a new project which will start next Wednesday on April 16th.   This project is designed to go through the end of the month.  We will use the same delivery method as before to get the project calendar and guidelines along with supplemental materials to you.  If you need to receive it in a different method, please let us know. Community Building Parade We really miss seeing our students every day and seeing them virtually is just not the same.  Our teaching team is going to be doing a virtual parade driving through the areas where our students live on Tuesday April 14th.  Because we are so spread out, this parade route will get us close to your homes, but you may have to drive a bit so we can see you.  We hope that you come out to wave to our teachers during the parade, but encourage you and your children to make sure to maintain a safe distance from others and follow all the other guidelines currently put forth by the CD and other health officials.   I will send the "parade route" out in a separate email.  Upcoming Events: April 15th, 6:00 PM- Public Hearing on SAVE plan (Revised plan which will be implemented upon return to the school building is available for review on our website) - via Zoom  Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 610 030 019 Password: 0YAkKr April 20th at 7PM- via Zoom Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 384 407 711 Password: 3VPcUU Thank you all for your continued hard work at home with your children.  We know this change is so hard on so many of us, children and adults alike.  Please remember that we are here to support you.  Stay safe, stay healthy, and know we love you all!   Take care, Sara and the Truxton Academy Team

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