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Update from our Head of School - April 29, 2022

Hello Families and Supporters,

Happy Sunday! I apologize for the delay in this week's email. We had such a fun and busy week this week at school. Our Kindergarten and K/1 classes went on a field lesson to Twin Oaks Organic Dairy Farm on Tuesday. Thanks to Carly and Kirk for giving our students such a great tour and lesson at the farm! Most of our 3rd and 4th grade students finished their math state assessments this week. They worked very hard. Way to go 3rd and 4th grade students!

We are so excited about our garden this year. Our garden bed has been expanded and we are in the process of preparing and marking off beds for planting. On Friday, the K, K/1, and 1st grade classes all started some seedlings so we 'll have transplants to shorten the growing time once we can plant outside. Thanks to Mrs. Francis for leading this activity with all 3 classes. Other classes will be starting seeds in the next 2 weeks.

We said good-bye to Mr. Daniel. Our 3rd and 4th grader students will miss him, and we wish him the best of luck on his future endeavors. We are in the process of interviewing for a Teaching Assistant to replace him.

Thank you for your help!!!

We have so many people that contribute to the success of our school. Thank you to everyone who has donated supplies when they have been requested! Thank you also to all the parents and family members who accompanied us on our school-wide field lesson to the Heiberg Forest Sugar Shack. We want to highlight a few folks who have made recent donations of time, items, or money with our sincerest gratitude.

The Grinnals family donated an incubator.

The Tice family and the family of Miles Richmond washed all of our extra winter gear so we can put it away for the season and have it for students to borrow next year.

Penny Bushaw, grandmother to a Westley Smith, donated soft hockey sticks to the PE program.

The Harrington family donated extra milk cartons for the 2nd grade bird feeder project and Courtney Harrington helped with the Rural Life Lab bulletin boards, helped with the incubation projects, and prepared Ag-in-a-Bag lessons for our classroom teachers.

The Smart and Blackburn families helped prepare our garden beds for this year's gardening projects.

Jamie Smart helped classes with the growing towers, took 2nd grade students to the library upstairs, and helped with the Rural Life Lab bulletin boards.

The Blackburn family donated seed trays and organized the seeds for planting and Ian Blackburn helped organize the DEC tree planting field lesson for our 3rd grade class.

The Davidson family donated some clothes for our borrowing closet.

THANK YOU to these folks and more for important contributions to our school family!

We are Hiring:

We currently have openings for the following positions for this year or the upcoming 2022-2023 School Year:

- Head of School

- Social Emotional Specialist (Social Worker or Social Emotional and Academic Intervention Teacher)

- Substitute Teachers

- Teaching Assistant

- Teacher of the Arts

All positions are posted on

If you know anyone who is interested, please ask them to send a resume and cover letter or letter of interest to

From the Truxton Academy PTO - Teacher Appreciation: Monday, May 2nd is the first day of Teacher Appreciation Week 2022! You should have received a sheet of notes in your children’s folder last week – we invite you to please take a moment to jot down messages of acknowledgement for all the wonderful work Truxton Academy’s stellar staff does in support of our community. The PTO will once again be showing our appreciation throughout the week so stay tuned! Read-a-Fun Fundraiser: The PTO is also excited to launch our 2022 Reading Raiser which will run from May 1 - May 31, 2022. Instructions are detailed below and attached. A Reading-Raiser is like a jog-a-thon, except your child will be reading books instead of running laps, and earning pledges based on how much they read. Everything is tracked online, which makes inviting sponsors and logging reading much easier! Here are two videos that explain how to participate in the Reading-Raiser: - How to authorize your child's Reading-Raiser account: - How to become a sponsor and invite more sponsors: Your child will receive a private online account at where he/she will log reading. Parent and student instructions on how to use the website are attached here and your child's individual log in information will be sent home in paper copy on Monday. Be sure to check their folders. (Please track any reading your child does on Sunday and log it after you create an account on Monday.) Your child will not be able to invite any sponsors without your authorization. Follow this link to view instructions on how to use your parent account: IMPORTANT: Readafun works best if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Safari. We are really excited to promote reading and help our school raise the necessary money for our ongoing needs. Thank you so much for your support!

Ways to Help Our School Makerspace Donation Request: For STEM in PE Night we are looking for donations of dixie cups and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. Please feel free to drop them off or send them in with your child. Thanks so much! Donations Needed: Extra Clothes: We are in need of extra clothes for our older kids who have spills or get clothes wet at recess. Our closet of borrowable clothes is in need of pants in size 8, 10, and 12 for both boys and girls. Upcoming Dates: 5/1- Read-a-fun Fundraiser Begins 5/2- 3rd Grade Field Lesson to plant trees- DEC riparian repair program 5/6- Walking Field Lesson to Release Trout 5/9- Board of Trustees Meeting: Rm. 105 or via Zoom Meeting ID: 915 6714 3586 Passcode: 9ia1fw 5/26, 5:30 PM- STEM in PE Night Updates from the classrooms: Miss Elliott (K): This week in Kindergarten we: *Explored the Twin Oaks Dairy Farm and fed the cows tall grass *Learned how farmers milk cows and how many gallons of milk they produce in one day *Practiced school bus safety during our bus drill *Conducted our own surveys and collected data during math *Took turns looking after our sprouts and discussed our observations of it's progress throughout the week with Ms. Jaime *Investigated similarities and differences between pill bugs and sow bugs *Discovered what night crawlers are and discussed how they are similar/different than redworms *Celebrated a birthday for a special friend *Celebrated our practicum student's last day with us on Friday Mrs. Francis (K/1): Ask you K/1 kiddo about:*the tricks magic, silent e does to CVCe words *our very fun trip to Twin Oaks and the cool things we saw. Thank you Kirk, Carly, and Kathie! *the garden books we read this week *how high they got on their number strip, building 2 digit numbers, what they noticed when we played Missing Number with all numbers having the same digit in the tens place or in the ones place *paper ripping and getting goopy when making our paper mache bowls *sorting objects we see in real life into shape categories and making 2D shapes with stones *getting our chard plants started

Miss Smith (1st): This week in first grade we: *reviewed different ways to make ten and how to organize our work so we made sure to get all combinations! *learned a new Make 10 Go Fish Game! *learned about the vowel team of ee! *learned about what a habitat is and how it provides animals, water, shelter and food! *learned about the Desert habitat! *created and presented our own species of animal that can survive in a desert habitat! *planted spinach and lettuce with the kindergarteners and k/1'ers! *introduced a new pencil routine that helps us take responsibility for all our pencils! *played with our favorite chickens and noticed how they are growing and the changes we are seeing! We also made hypotheses about if some of our chickens are roosters or hens and used our observations to support our predictions! Ms. Jess (2nd): Ask your Second Grader about...-what they learned about pollination and how our tomato plants pollinate in our grow towers, -reading the book The Reason For a Flower, -what they learned about Penny's dairy farm, Dutch Hollow Farm, -how they feel about their writing project on reusing milk cartons to make bird feeders and how we can help our Earth by reusing and recycling, -the doubling rule in spelling, -playing the math games Capture 5 and Get to 100, -what they've noticed about poems, -writing their own Cloud Poem, -reading about clouds. Miss Madysen (3rd): Ask your third grader about...-taking and finishing their NYS math assessment. Great job third graders! -what happens to the answer in a multiplication problem if one factor is doubled, -how to write a multiplication story on their own, -how there has been a population explosion of Jellyfish and how people around the world are combating the issue, -how to identify problem and solution while reading, -how scientists use the conservation list to identify animals that are endangered, -the animal they have decided to learn more about for their endangered species research, -what the difference between an opinion and evidence is when they are investigating science. On Monday, third graders will be going to DEC Land in Cuyler to plant trees. Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the weather. We will definitely be getting dirty! Ms. Chelsea (4th): Ask your 4th grader about... - Reviewing our math standards with two Math Scavenger Hunts! - How to write equivalent fractions and decimals to hundredths. - Whether kids should get paid to go to school, and what strong reasons they might use to support their claim. - How to add and subtract fractions with like denominators (i.e. 2/10 + 1/10= 3/10) - How transition words can help your writing flow from one idea to the next. - The basic components of a lightbulb (filament, base, casting, ) and where the two terminals are located. - How to light a bulb using a battery and two wires. - The different parts of a written play (i.e. characters, plot, lines, stage directions). Señora H (Spanish): This week in Spanish we learned about different modes of transportation and read a story about a superhero named "Super Elefante". In 3rd and 4th grades we learned vocabulary related to shopping. Mrs. Boyden (PE): PE this week we began our volleying & volleyball unit! Mrs. Boyden (Makerspace): Makerspace this week grades 2-4 learned a bit more about coding and created our own coded hopscotch boards! Check out our facebook and instagram pages for pictures of our students' learning throughout the year:

Thank you, as always, for your support of our students and our school family! Have a wonderful weekend!

- Sara and the Truxton Academy Team

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