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Update from our Head of School - April 30, 2021

Hello Families and Supporters,

What a wonderful week of learning it has been! In addition to all the wonderful learning our students do that is led by our teachers, we had visitors from 4-H doing an Earth Day project with students on Thursday. Then on Friday, we had animal visitors: an alpaca, some lambs, some goats, and a puppy. Thanks to Celia Daniels, mother of one of our students, for bringing the lambs and goats and to Suzanne Drumm of Bentwood Alpacas and Yaks for bringing the alpaca and the puppy. Thanks also to Ms. Bella and Mrs. Leaf who organized this wonderful learning opportunity for our students.

It is tick season and ticks testing positive for lyme disease are on the rise in the area. Parents, since we go outside most days, please do nightly tick checks on your children and help them learn to do it themselves. Mrs. Hull's third graders have been learning about ticks and created some informational documents for families.

2021-2022 Application and Enrollment Our application period has officially ended, and we still have a few spots open in some grades. Please continue to spread the word about our school and encourage interested families to apply. If you know of any interested families, please encourage them to apply for their children to attend our school next year. Applications can be found at our website, Ways to Help Our School Amazon Smile Amazon Smile is a division of amazon that donates a portion of sales from many items to a variety of charities and nonprofits. Truxton Academy is one of those nonprofits. If you are purchasing items from amazon, please go to and choose Truxton Academy as your charity of choice. Purchases you are making anyway will benefit our school. Bottle and Can Collection: Our partnership with T&T Redemption in Riverside Plaza is active! Spread the word that people can drop off bottles and cans, let them know it's for Truxton Academy Charter School, and we'll get the credit! Donations: Our teachers would love electronic wipes for the smartboards in the classroom to help keep them clean as they are used by multiple students throughout the day. Monetary donations are always welcomed through our website To make a monetary donation, go to our website and click the Donate Now button if you want to make a contribution. Makerspace Donations: We would gladly accept the following items as donations for our makerspace and art room. Please make sure all donations are clean before dropping them off at the school. - empty paper towel rolls, - cereal or snack boxes, - bottle caps, - crayons, - colored pencils, - kids' scissors, - acrylic or tempera paints, - wood quality paint brushes, - watercolor paper, - canvas paper ***At this time, please no more egg cartons, yarn, or construction paper. We have all we need for now. From the PTO: Hola familias! Don't forget, Teacher Appreciation is next week. If you can, help your student make a card this weekend. Our teachers have been juggling so much this year, and while it hasn't been easy, they've taught our children so much. Everyone's popcorn should have arrived by now, thank you for your patience and support. You are welcome to attend our next PTO meeting Thursday, May 6th, where we will be discussing the end of the year Field Day and T-shirts. Gracias! - Truxton Academy PTO Updates from the classrooms: Mrs. Francis' Class We had another great week in Kindergarten this week! We practiced finding rhyming words in books and using puzzles. We also learned two new sight words, "he" and "we" (hey, they rhyme!) which we added to our word wall. We also got out our listening station, always a fan favorite, during independent reading time. We practiced reading books and writing sentences. The students are showing a lot of progress with spacing, capitalization, and punctuation! We learned about finding the main idea and supporting details in a book when we read about what birds eat. In math we focused on counting objects, measuring different parts of our bodies with the help of a partner, and decomposing teen numbers. In science we learned all about particleboard and how it is made. Then we headed outside and made our own particleboard! They kids were very excited to create a piece of wood. We wrote about this process in our journals. We also had some visitors come at the end of the week, 4-H came and did a fun activity with us. On Friday, we animals come to school. The kids loved meeting the alpaca, the goats, and the lambs that came to visit. What a fun and busy week of learning we had! Ms. Jess' Class K/1 enjoyed learning outside a lot this week! In math we are working on addition and subtraction word problems. We used items from nature to create, build and tell our own word problem stories. We are also learning about 3D shapes. In science we started a new PBL called Boom Boom Flash where the students are investigating how they can use light and sound to communicate different kinds of feelings without using words. We are very excited about this project! Our new reading groups are going well. Students are doing an amazing job reading and finding details to support a main idea! We read the story Peanut Butter and Cupcake this week and created story boards showing the setting, characters, problem and solution. We will be presenting our story boards to other classes and retelling the story. We also had another great activity with our friends from 4-H and wrapped up the week with animals visiting our school! Ms. Smith's Class This week in class, we have been working on reading comprehension. As a class, we have been reading out loud and then answering questions about what we have just read. Additionally, we have been working very hard on our capitalization and punctuation skills. In writing, our class made another class story titled, The Unicorn and the T-Rex. Our virtual kiddos wrote a story as well titled, Defeating the Vampires. At the end of the year, we will have a K-1 classroom storybook filled with stories we wrote together. We also wrote in our journals about finding a treasure map! Students have to create a fictional story about if they found a treasure map! Codie and I love to read all their stories! In Math, we have been working on our word problems! Students have been working very hard on being good listeners and working through problems when we don't know how! We have also been reviewing the names and denominations of coins using those coin poems we sent out last week! In Science, we are starting our unit on maps! We have learned about the different types of maps and are working to create our own maps of our bedrooms! These maps will be presented next week. 4-H also came into our and did a fun project on Earth day making bracelets! On Friday, we had a huge fun surprise when we had farm animals come to visit our school! Ms. Sol's Class We continue to work with subtraction and borrowing and some students started working with multiplication. In ELA we continue to do the read alouds followed by oral & written narration as well as writing math stories with the story characters. We had a visit from a prospective new student. We had a visit from Phoenix's grandmother to continue to teach finger knitting. This week we also had our visit from 4H and we watched a presentation on Earth Day followed by an Earth day bingo game. On Friday we had some farm animals visit our school from two farms. One brought lambs and goats and the another brought an alpaca with a beautiful little white puppy. Mrs. Hull's Class Third graders are happy to be back in school and learning in person this week. We continue workshopping and improving our COVID stories and poems. Many of us are finished and we are submitting our pieces to Phillip’s Free Library’s Behind the Mask project on Friday. Third graders discovered that our school wastes about thirty pounds a day of food but that we are only wasting about 2-3 pounds a day. We are planning to educate the rest of the school about how food waste impacts the planet and help younger students develop some strategies for wasting less food. In math, third graders are using multiplication and division to solve story problems. PE Wow! It was an exciting week in P.E. as students took to our kickball games: making outs, scoring points, and cheering for their team! The positive momentum has continued into their baseball/softball unit while successfully learning how to throw a ball to a target!!! Families, you should definitely ask your kiddos to show you how to throw a ball at a target. And, if you can, practice together outside. Next week, it's all about hitting and playing some baseball/softball games. Spanish In K/1 we worked on making our own farms on poster board! Some friends finished and took it home, others will be finishing them and bringing them home on Monday! We also read "La Arana Muy Ocupada" (The Very Busy Spider) by Eric Carle to practice our speaking and listening skills! In second grade, we continued learning about insectos! We visited my "Bosque" to find all of our insectos in Spanish! We also added on to our sujetos (subjects)! We learned "Usted" - "You" in a formal way, and "Nosotros/Nosotras" - We! In third grade, we continued learning about comidas y bebidas! We visited my "restaurante" and read off our menu items in Spanish! We began learning how to conjugate Spanish words with -ar endings in the present tense! In virtual third grade, we finished lugares y transportación and started comidas y bebidas! We also began to learn how to conjugate Spanish -ar in the present tense! Buen trabajo estudiantes de Truxton! As a reminder, we have a public facebook page where we share many pictures and stories of our students learning. Please check it out to see some of the wonderful work our teachers and students are doing every day! ( Feel free to share our posts to spread the word about our school! Additionally, the PTO has a parent specific facebook group. If you are a parent and wish to join this group, you can find it at: Thank you for your continued support of our school family! Have a great weekend! - Sara and the Truxton Academy Team

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