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Update from our Head of School - May 13, 2022

Hello Families and Supporters,

Happy Friday! We hope you have all enjoyed the beautiful weather this week as much as we have. Our classes spent so much time outside this week and the students and teachers really enjoyed the sunshine. Classes read outside in the shade of the trees out front. Students worked on writing in our pavilion. Students did math lessons outside in the pergola. Classes also did work on our picnic tables. We are so lucky to have such beautiful school grounds and so many outdoor learning spaces!

Our school-wide garden project continues this week. Our 3rd and 4th grade classes measured and marked out our garden beds. The students practiced measuring, finding area, and finding perimeter during this activity. We will begin planting outside next week. We can't wait to see how the work progresses!

We are Hiring:

We currently have openings for the following positions for this year or the upcoming 2022-2023 School Year:

- Head of School (2022-2023)

- Social Emotional Specialist (Social Worker or Social Emotional and Academic Intervention Teacher) (2022- 2023)

- Substitute Teachers (current)

- Teacher of the Arts (current and 2022-2023)

All positions are posted on

If you know anyone who is interested, please ask them to send a resume and cover letter or letter of interest to

Messages for Families

Outdoor Preparation: Extra Clothes- Families, please remember to send in an extra set of clothes with your child. We plan on being out in the garden and outside more and more. We expect mud and a change of clothes might come in handy.

Sunscreen and Bug Spray- Please put sunscreen and bug spray on your child every day. If you wish to send sunscreen and bug spray in with your child to re apply throughout the day, please fill out and return the attached sunscreen and bug spray permission form and send in these items clearly labeled with your child's name on it.

Tick Check- Our school grounds, and Truxton in general, has a lot of ticks. We do tick checks at the end of our outdoors times, but it is easy to miss these tiny critters. Please check your child nightly for ticks! I am attaching an informational presentation that last year's 3rd grade class made for families to learn about ticks. Check it out!

From the School Kitchen- This week, our students did an in-house field lesson in our cafeteria with Ms. Taylor. The local ingredient they used was honey. Here is the recipe for the snack they made called, Honey Joys: From the Truxton Academy PTO - Read-a-Fun Fundraiser: The PTO is also excited that we have started our 2022 Reading Raiser which will run from May 1 - May 31, 2022. We are really excited to promote reading and help our school raise the necessary money for our ongoing needs. Thank you so much for your support! Keep reading kiddos! Ways to Help Our School Makerspace Donation Request: For STEM in PE Night we are looking for donations of dixie cups and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. Please feel free to drop them off or send them in with your child. Thanks so much! Sign up for and use Amazon Smile with Truxton Academy as your chosen charity Amazon Smile is a division of amazon that donates a portion of sales from many items to a variety of charities and nonprofits. Truxton Academy is one of those nonprofits. If you are purchasing items from amazon, please go to and choose Truxton Academy as your charity of choice. Purchases you are making anyway will benefit our school. Donations Needed: We need more Lysol Spray cans to help sanitize our PE equipment. If you can donate any, please send them in. Upcoming Dates- Check out our calendar of events here: 5/26 and 5/31 - 4th Grade Science Performance Test 5/26, 5:30 PM- STEM in PE Night, 5:30 5/27- NO SCHOOL 5/30- Memorial Day- NO SCHOOL 6/13- Board of Trustees Annual Meeting Board Meetings are held in person at Truxton Academy Charter School in the pavilion, weather permitting, or in Room 105. You can also join via Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 915 6714 3586 Passcode: 9ia1fw Updates from the classrooms: Miss Elliott (K): This week in kindergarten we: *Played sight word bingo and a few other games to help build our vocabulary and our reading ability *Practiced counting from numbers other than one *Solved story problems using objects to represent numbers *Continued to sound out words while reading with friends *Had a kitchen field lesson with Ms.Taylor ( Click the link below to learn how to make them at home! ) ( ) *Practiced our writing skills by creating more how - to books and tracing lowercase letters *Took a few lessons outside to enjoy the fresh air As the weather gets warmer, we are planning to spend more time outside for learning. Please bring in sunscreen for your child to keep them protected :). Thank you! Mrs. Francis (K/1): Ask your K/1 kiddo about:*writing CVCe words in chalk on the basketball court and playing Bingo in the sunshine *what they learned about weird sea creatures and sharks and the jokes we heard in our read alouds *what topic they are writing about for their informational books *crayon puzzles which helped us figure out an unknown addend (3+__ = 9) *adding groups of ten (30+40=?) *what they learned about different fabrics and words which describe fabrics *real life examples of 3D shapes *the fun bird activities we did with Mrs. Elaine Miss Smith (1st): This week in first grade we: -practiced our reading skills with Ms. Hull! -practiced the names and denominations of coins! Ask your student to name each coin and tell you how much they are worth! Ask them if they remember the poems for each coin that we practice every day! -learned a new Penny Jar game in Math. This game helps us to practice Math problems with missing addends and increases our number sense -learned about the 3 layers of the ocean habitat and the animals and creatures that live in each layer. -learned about a new vowel pair (oa)! Ask your student what our first grade rule is when we see two vowels together! -read the "Paperbag Princess," by Robert Munsch and practiced our reading comprehension and recalling details skills! -did a kitchen field trip with Ms.Taylor and learned a little about bees and honey! -added some more chapters to our "Our School" book! -enjoyed the sunshine and the nice weather and read outside! Ms. Jess (2nd): Ask your Second Grader about...-reading about the Grand Canyon and different types of landforms, -reading a tall tale about Paul Bunyon, -what a tall tale is, -writing a journal entry as Paul Bunyon, -making and then playing their own math game called Make A Dollar, -good times to check for ticks at home in the areas we can not check at school, -how their edible flower seedlings are doing and -the -ble and -dle spelling rules. Miss Madysen (3rd): Ask your third grader about...-planning out their endangered species essay and using a graphic organizer to condense their notes, -meeting Betsy Ukeritis for the DEC and what she taught us about plant and animal conservation in NYS, -planting two types of squash and pumpkins that will be transplanted into the garden, -using their knowledge of area and perimeter to map out the garden, -how to measure liquid volume and mass, -how readers use facts from a story to make inferences, -reading outside during independent reading, -our cafeteria field lesson with Ms. Taylor, -what was noticed about the weather patterns on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We have loved every opportunity we have had to get outside this week! Ms. Chelsea (4th): Ask your 4th grader about...- comparing decimal numbers and writing fractions as decimals - decomposing fractions and adding/subtracting mixed numbers - the difference between numbers that come before and after the decimal point in our place value system - what makes a complete sentence (a subject + a predicate) - what words to capitalize in titles, like the name of a newspaper or book - the difference between a noun and a verb - how to connect two words using an apostrophe, and how to spell common contractions - how to know if you should capitalize words like mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa (if they take the place of a name) - zoning in on one problem/conflict in a short story - the meaning of the words "giddy" and "comprised" - the big questions they wrote on their "idea" page this week Señora H (Spanish): In Spanish in K, K/1, 1 and 2 we reviewed numbers and food vocabulary with a book about 3 goats, "Los Tres Chivos". In 3rd and 4th grades we reviewed vocabulary related to school and the classroom. Mrs. Boyden (PE): This week in PE K & 1 added pedals to our strider bikes if they felt ready and so many kids got the hang of riding a bike pedaling with no training wheels or assistance!!! 2-4 learned the skills and game of kickball! It was a beautiful week to be outside! Mrs. Boyden (Makerspace): This week in Makerspace K & 1 created "stick figures" out of items found in nature. 2-4 continued with our maker mat activities, there were some great boats created, bucket lists made and imaginative dream home blueprints! Be sure to ask them about it! Check out our facebook and instagram pages for pictures of our students' learning throughout the year:

Thank you, as always, for your support of our students and our school family! Enjoy the weekend!

- Sara and the Truxton Academy Team

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