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Update from our Head of School - May 22, 2020

Happy Friday!  I hope you and your family have enjoyed the sunshine we have had this week.  As we end the 9th full week of continued learning at home while our school building has been closed, our teachers wanted to send a message to all of our students.  We miss them all so much and want to let them know just how much they mean to us.  Please share this video with them: We hope this video brings them and you a bit of joy.  Thanks to Mrs. Boyden for using her technological know-how to put it all together.  I loved seeing the pictures of our students learning at school interspersed with our messages.  Seeing their faces brings me joy.  It is so important to find the joy in our days, even when things are tough.  To paraphrase Brene Brown, "Small amounts of joy, collected over time, build strength and resilience that is needed to get us through the tough times."  For many, these are tough times, we hope this video brings some joy to you and your children to add to your collections of joyful moments and memories.   This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend.  Today was originally scheduled to be a day off from school and we encourage you to use it as a catch-up day to catch up on any work your child may not yet have completed this week or last.  Today and Monday there will not be zoom classes or meetings (unless otherwise noted by individual teachers).  We hope that you are able spend some quality time with your family as our country takes some time to honor those who died while serving in our military.   As we finally get some warmer weather we hope that you are continuing to get outside and we encourage you to try to plant a garden whether it is in a raised bed, in pots, or in the ground.  Gardening is a wonderful learning activity for children.  As they take care of the garden,  they observe how plants grow, they learn responsibility, and they connect with the natural world around them.  This weekend would be a great time to do some planting! Important Updates PTO Updates The PTO will be hosting Virtual Beddie-Bye Book Night next Friday, May 29th at 6:00 PM.  All students who attend will be mailed a free book afterwards.  Thanks PTO for helping us keep our community strong during these unprecedented times. Learning Updates Mrs. Francis' Class My sentences are all mixed up! This week the Kindergarteners helped me fix scrambled up sentences so they made sense.  We noticed uppercase letters at the beginning and punctuation at the end.  They did a great job of reading the words we needed to make our sentence!  We also matched uppercase letters to their lowercase partner.  In math, we worked with teen numbers.  We saw that teen numbers are made up of one group of 10 and then some ones.   We made several teen numbers using our ten frames.  Students noticed that the digits in each number tell you how many full ten frames you have and how many you have in the other ten frame.  For example 16 is composed of 1 full ten frame and 6 in another ten frame.  It was a great week of learning!  Enjoy the long weekend!   Mr. D'Antonio's Class Our class has done an amazing job of reading while at home.  Not including all the actual books the kids are reading at home, we have logged over 1100 books on EPIC, pretty amazing!!! This week, the students have also done a great job of sharing their mindfulness activities and ways they are making others happy.  The kids are really putting a lot of thought into it as there is basically no repetition of activities as the kids keep coming up with fresh, new ideas.  We have also been doing a great job counting money, finding the number 10 more and/or 10 less than a given number.  Our students have been sharing some outstanding writing by looking at pictures and making inferences about them.  Thanks for always sharing your work.  It is great to see!  Have a great weekend!   Mrs. Hull's Class Second graders are all happy about the sunshine this week and finding ways to enjoy the outdoors, including swimming, fishing, camping, skateboarding, and building tree houses. We have also read over 900 books on Epic! In addition to focusing on our mindfulness and finding ways to keep ourselves and others happy, we are thinking ahead to next year and collaborating to design the perfect classroom for 3rd Grade. Thank you to everyone who comes to class meetings. Everyone is so happy to see your smiling face!😊 PE This week in PE students began a virtual race with physical activity time!  Keep up the great work! Send those activities and times to Mrs. Boyden to be part of the race and see the race on google classroom! It ends next week! 

Spanish This week in Spanish the students practiced the vocabulary to go along with some fun and relaxing activities.  They played with burbujas (bubbles).  They learned that to relax they can respirar (breathe) by doing un inspiro (an inhale) y un espiro (an exhale).  They also made un barco de papel (a paper boat) and a drawing of una rosa (a rose).  All of these are fun activities to help us keep our Minds Merry and they learned the Spanish words to go along with them. We hope you all are staying well and hanging in there.  I have seen so many examples of resilience and enjoyment in our school community during this challenging time and that makes me proud to be a part of it.  Keep up the fantastic work, students and parents! 

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