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Update from our Head of School - May 6, 2022

Hello Families and Supporters,

Happy Friday! Today was Trout Release Day. All of our classes walked down and released the trout into Labrador Creek in the town of Truxton. This creek is a tributary that joins the Tioughnioga River. Mrs. Boyden and the classes discussed the direction of the water flow and the camouflage the fish have to protect them from predators. Just as our trout were relocated into a more permanent home, our chickens were too. Ms. Smith's first grade kept the 4 chickens which hatched from their incubation project. They have been taking great care of them in their classroom since they hatched and this week, with the help of two parents, they were moved outside to a coop. We are so excited to start our school flock!

This week we also continued working on our garden preparation. More classes planted seeds to start growing plants inside until it is warm enough for them to go outside. We have a shelf with grow lights that we will be using to help ensure our transplants get a strong start.

Congratulations to all of our 3rd and 4th grade students who worked so hard on their Math State Assessments last week and this week. They have all completed their tests!

Thank you to the PTO for spoiling our staff this week for Teacher Appreciation Week!

We are Hiring:

We currently have openings for the following positions for this year or the upcoming 2022-2023 School Year:

- Head of School (2022-2023)

- Social Emotional Specialist (Social Worker or Social Emotional and Academic Intervention Teacher) (2022- 2023)

- Substitute Teachers (current)

- Teaching Assistant (current and 2022-2023)

- Teacher of the Arts (current and 2022-2023)

All positions are posted on

If you know anyone who is interested, please ask them to send a resume and cover letter or letter of interest to

Messages for Families

Families, please remember to send in an extra set of clothes with your child. We plan on being out in the garden and outside more and more. We expect mud and a change of clothes might come in handy.

Fourth Grade Families: Please return the permission form for the AgStravaganza field lesson in June by Wednesday, May 11th. These are due to the event hosts by May 13, 2022. If you do not return them, your child will NOT be able to attend the field lesson.

From the Truxton Academy PTO - Read-a-Fun Fundraiser: The PTO is also excited that we have started our 2022 Reading Raiser which will run from May 1 - May 31, 2022. We are really excited to promote reading and help our school raise the necessary money for our ongoing needs. Thank you so much for your support!

Ways to Help Our School Makerspace Donation Request: For STEM in PE Night we are looking for donations of dixie cups and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. Please feel free to drop them off or send them in with your child. Thanks so much! Sign up for and use Amazon Smile with Truxton Academy as your chosen charity Amazon Smile is a division of amazon that donates a portion of sales from many items to a variety of charities and nonprofits. Truxton Academy is one of those nonprofits. If you are purchasing items from amazon, please go to and choose Truxton Academy as your charity of choice. Purchases you are making anyway will benefit our school. Donations Needed: Extra Clothes: We are in need of extra clothes for our older kids who have spills or get clothes wet at recess. Our closet of borrowable clothes is in need of pants in size 8, 10, and 12 for both boys and girls. Help up Build our Classroom Libraries: Here is a wish list of books for each classroom. You can buy the books through this website or elsewhere. Thriftbooks has used books and sometimes that is a money saving option. Check out the books wanted for your child's classroom or any classroom: Kindergarten: First Grade: Second Grade: Third Grade: Fourth Grade: Spanish: Makerspace: Fifth Grade: Upcoming Dates: 5/9- Board of Trustees Meeting: Rm. 105 or via Zoom Meeting ID: 915 6714 3586 Passcode: 9ia1fw 5/24 and 5/25 - 4th Grade Science Performance Test 5/26, 5:30 PM- STEM in PE Night Updates from the classrooms: Miss Elliott (K): This week in kindergarten we: *Practiced using our letter sound knowledge to figure out words we don't know *Counted by groups of ones, twos, and tens *Played sight word bingo *Identified similarities and differences between pill bugs and sow bugs *Learned about where Isopods live and went out into the field to see if we could find some *Reviewed our writing checklist and created our own how-to books *Designed our own beautiful Mother's Day gifts :) Mrs. Francis (K/1): Ask your K/1 kiddo about: *how well they did combining magic, silent e with digraphs and blends to write longer, trickier words (globe, bathe, etc) *how clever Hare tricked lazy Bear in Tops & Bottoms and how Oliver learned to like veggies in Oliver's Vegetables *playing Go Fish to make 10 and creating a class chart which shows all the ways to add to 10 (using 2 addends) *presenting their "How to" books to their classmates (we learned so much!!!) *using their imaginations to turn shapes into objects like the bunny in Not a Box! *adding shapes to a scene of their choice *our paper-tacular week- we finished our paper mache bowls, made paper pinwheels, and did another (secret) craft using paper *our walking field trip to release the trout Miss Smith (1st): This week in first grade we: *learned a 10+ game! This allows us to think of how to solve addition problems in our heads by making into a group of ten and then some more! *learned about coins! Ask your child if they know the names of each coin, how they recognize it, what the denomination of each coin is and, if they remember the poem that goes along with each coin! *finished another chapter in our 'Our School' writing books. Students are working very hard to put in their best efforts into their second drafts! *learned a new strategy about rereading to understand what we are reading. *learned about 2 more vowel teams! Using our new vowel team rule, the second vowel makes the first say its name, we have been practicing the sounds 'ea' and 'ai' make! *learned about the Arctic habitat. Students created their own animal that can survive in the Arctic! Ask your students what their animal is, the adaptations it has to help it survive, what it eats, drinks, and its shelter! *celebrated Moms! Students read a read aloud book and had a discussion about what we appreciate about our moms and how important they are to us and students did crafts for Mothers Day! *moved our chickens outside to their new home! Thank you Courtney Harrington and Jaime Smart! *said good-bye to our student placement teachers and wrote them cards thanking them for all their help! *released our trout. Ms. Jess (2nd): Ask your Second Grader about...-reading the story Miss Rumphius and learning how she made the world a more beautiful place, -planting edible flower seeds to make our world more beautiful, -playing the math game Make a Dollar, -making 100, -harvesting the grow towers, -our school's new chicken coop and chickens, -our trout release! Miss Madysen (3rd): Ask your third grader about all the busy things we did this week such as…-planting trees at the DEC fishing point in Cuyler thanks to Mr. Blackburn, -saying good-bye to our practicum student Ethan on Monday, -what happens to a number when you multiple by 10, -how James Earl Jones, the voice behind Darth Vader, found his voice again after being affected with a stutter -what animal they are researching for their endangered species project -what they learned about their animals habitat, appearance, and what is their current conservation status, -how students earned an Hour of Code and what it is, -what happens to water when you mix hot and cold together, -our walking field trip to release the trout we have raised this school year. Ms. Chelsea (4th): Ask your 4th grader about... - How mosaics and cross stitch may have inspired pixel art. - Adding fractions with 100 and 10 as the denominator. - The relationship between hundredths and tenths, and how to write each as a decimal and fraction. - How to light a bulb, and what makes it shine. - How we can monitor our comprehension of a science text by using sticky notes. - Their groups for the school garden project: Greenhouse Keepers, Landscaping Company, Data Analysts, and Fencing Company. - How drama (plays), fiction, and non-fiction writing are similar and different. Señora H (Spanish): In Spanish, K, K/1, 1 and 2 reviewed a variety of vocabulary words as we explored the stories "El Zorro" and "La Casa de La Abuela". In 3rd and 4th grades we reviewed shopping and travel vocabulary words through stories and we learned about Cinco de Mayo.Here is a video we watched about Cinco de Mayo Mrs. Boyden (PE): This week in PE - K & 1 started riding our strider bikes! 2-4 graders have been doing some orienteering! Mrs. Boyden (Makerspace): This week in Makerspace K & 1 did an elephant & Piggie Challenge and 2-4th grade began a Maker Mat - which is student choice projects, where they have to complete a design and materials list before building or completing a challenge.

Check out our facebook and instagram pages for pictures of our students' learning throughout the year:

Thank you, as always, for your support of our students and our school family! We wish a wonderful weekend to all and a wonderful Mothers' Day to all the mothers in our community!

- Sara and the Truxton Academy Team

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