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Update from our Head of School - November 4, 2022

Dear Students and Families,

Happy Friday Students and Families!

This week we celebrated Halloween with our annual Halloween parade on Main Street in Truxton and then many classrooms had celebrations later in the day. As we enter the month of November, I want to remind families that our word of the month for November is “trustworthy”. This morning was the first day we talked about being trustworthy in our morning meeting, so please ask your children about what it means to be trustworthy. Please continue to dress your children appropriately as winter is approaching and students will continue to recess and learn outside.

Upcoming Dates

11/6 Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser-to go 2pm-4pm Here is the link to pre-order

11/10 Parent Teacher Conferences

11/11 No school-Veterans Day

11/14/-11/18 Spirit Week. See the attached flyer

11/14 Coffee Mania fundraiser ends-please send in orders and money to your teachers

11/14 Coffee with Kerryanne 10am-11am

11/14 Coffee with Kerryanne 5:30pm-6:30pm

11/14 Board of Trustees meeting 7pm

11/16 Bookfair 5:30-7pm

11/23-11/24 No School-Thanksgiving Recess

Book Fair

Our second annual Book Fair is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm. If you are interested in volunteering to set up, take down, or work at the Book Fair, please contact Mrs. Hull at

Updates for the Classrooms:


This week in kindergarten we:

*Had a blast showing off our costumes during the Halloween parade and had a super fun class party afterwards

*Learned what a biography is while reading about which senses Ray charles had and which ones he lost

*Discussed the difference between deaf and death while reading Helen Keller's biography

*Discovered how 2-D shapes and 3-D shapes are similar and different

*Related 2-D shapes to real world 3-D objects

*Practiced reading and writing one syllable short vowel CVC words

*Partnered with our fifth grade reading buddies to read some of our favorite stories

**Please don't forget to sign up for parent teacher conferences soon! Looking forward to meeting with you all!

First Grade

This week in first grade we:

-learned about the different systems in the human body and how they work together

-learned how doctors have specialties and what a doctor who works with children is called

-started our first KWL chart to track how much we are learning about the human body! Students are so excited to see how much their brains have grown!

-had out first marble jar reward party and celebrated Halloween with spirit!

-enjoyed our parade through town showing off all of our cool costumes!

-started learning how two consonants can be blended together to say one sound. This week we are learning S blends!

-enjoyed spending time reading books to Ms. Smith and Codie!

-started learning about geometry and how different shapes are formed and how they can be put together to create new shapes!

-ask your student the names of different shapes and what tricks they use to remember their names!

-started learning about the sense of taste and the different tastes that your tongue can taste!

-learned how our sense of taste can keep you safe!

Second Grade

Ask your Second Grader about…

-their fun Halloween day,

-where to find prefixes and suffixes in words,

-how identifying prefixes and suffixes can help us read tricky words,

-vowel teams and the song we sing about vowel teams,

-how trying a different vowel sound can help us read tricky words,

-spelling words with 'th' at the beginning, middle and end,

-writing a story starter with a 5th grader and finishing this story about a fox,

-grouping our subtraction facts,

-playing the game Collect .50 Cents,

-counting coins,

-using their 100 chart to solve addition and subtraction facts,

-playing the game Addition Scoot,

-our new character trait of being trustworthy and what that looks like and sounds like in school and home.

Third Grade

This week in 3rd grade we:

*enjoyed a sunny week with several outside learning opportunities

*waved to our families during the Halloween parade

*learned when to use "d" or "ed" in words

*conferenced with Mrs. Francis about our first published personal narrative and made a plan to make our next one even better

*pre-wrote our new narrative story by making a small moment map and picking ONE moment

*did mixed addition and subtraction with regrouping and showed off our skills

*practiced taking part of the question and putting it our answer using our Pause and Think questions in our article about giant squid

*practiced strategies and using context to figure out unknown words in our reading groups

*compared the roots of our bean plants and plants we picked outside and then wrote about what we noticed in our Science Journals

*had Mrs. Jamie come in and help us get seeds in our rock wool to go in our grow tower soon

*Said goodbye to our SUNY Cortland students

Fourth Grade

The fourth-grade is reading their leveled readers and working on comprehension skills, writing descriptions and paraphrasing.

Students continue to use arrays to break down and visualize large number multiplication problems and have started division skills.

The class continues to work on school and classroom expectations.

Fifth Grade

Ask your 5th Grader about…

- What it means to be trustworthy

- Their "One Pager" for Over the Garden Wall, and what their focus was: theme, characterization, author's viewpoint, cultural setting, or new ways of thinking.

- The shape of salt crystals after they separate from a saltwater solution.

- Separating a four-part dry mixture.

- The difference between a dividend and divisor, and how a dividend is also a multiple of the divisor and the quotient.

- Deciding how to *answer* a word problem that has a remainder, especially how to *share*- or write the remainder as a fraction.

- The division strategies they've come up with so far.

- The meatball sub and inside-out burger recipes they are developing with our AG guests.

- Ms. Lea and Ms. Jacqui's tips for writing strong, tiered questions for our Friday Jeopardy games.

Please sign up for a parent conference time if you haven't already done so:


In Spanish we reviewed the numbers we already know and learned to count even higher.

Here is a video that the students enjoyed that helps them practice counting to 100!


Attached is the Spirit Week Flyer!

Spirit Week November 14th-18th

In STEM this week we made our poppy flowers to place at the Veterans park next week during PE.

In PE K-2 have been working on throwing overhand and underhand as well as catching though a variety of games!

In PE 3-5 reviewed our football game play & skills as well as finished up our archery unit! Be sure to check out the school facebook page and mrs.boyden_pe on instagram to see photos! Please do not forget students need sneakers daily for PE. We have only so many borrow shoes. Boots, Crocs and slide on shoes are not PE sneakers. Thank You!

Rural Life Lab

This week, all classes have been exploring habitats and adaptations.

They will be using this knowledge to add special habitat pages to a project with art class.

Note from the Cafeteria:

Please keep checking your child's myschoolbucks account, they must have money on their account to be able to participate in ice cream fridays

~Mrs. S.

"Make each day your masterpiece"- John Wooden Kerryanne Schenck Head of School Truxton Academy Charter School

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