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Update from our Head of School - October 16, 2020

Happy Friday!  For such a short week, it sure felt busy to us here at school.    Things looked a little different as some of our friends shifted temporarily to Learning from Home.  We had a mix of rainy days and sunny days, but got outside many times.    Both the kiddos learning at home and those learning in- person worked very hard this week.  

On Tuesday we had a visit from the Truxton Fire Department.  The students who were here got to see 3 different trucks: a fire engine, a rescue truck, and a medical vehicle.  They also got a demonstration of how the firefighters put on their gear.  Our students Learning from Home got to see some videos that we shared on the google classroom.  

This was a great experience for our students to help them learn about the firefighters' job and also help them feel more comfortable with how the firefighters look when they go to help during a fire.  Our students and teacher asked some great questions and learned a lot.  Check out the pictures and videos on our facebook page.   

Book Character Parade:

On the Friday morning before Halloween, we will have a costume book character parade.  We invite all students to dress up as a character from a book and bring the book to school with them to share with their class.  If children want to make their own book to match their costume, they are welcome to.  Children may come dressed in their costume, and will also be required to wear a CDC approved face covering with their costume.  

Updates from the classrooms:


In PE this week, we continued our hiking unit by turning the hiking trail into a fitness hiking trail.  We also practiced reading/following a map and recording trail marker locations on these maps.  We had a rainy day on Friday so we played tag games in the gymnasium.   

Kindergarten/ First Grade

ELA: K/1 worked hard this week in ELA!  We did lots of wonderful writing.  The 1st graders worked on Small Moment stories throughout the week and then shared their stories with their classmates today.  They worked on making their stories longer, more detailed, and used more conventional spelling in their awesome sentences!  Kindergarteners continued to work hard during Writers' Workshop and wrote amazing stories.  Some students have begun to add labels to some of the things in their drawings too.  We will see more and more of this as we learn our letter sounds in the coming weeks. Both groups continued to build good reading habits during independent reading time and then share their reading with their friends. 

Science: In Science the K/1 group continued to explore the 5 senses.  This week we focused on the sense of sight.  We used our sense of sight to find objects in our environment (outside and inside) and then create a list of adjectives to describe those things.  We also noticed how our two eyes work together when we tried to toss unifix cubes in a bowl using two eyes, with one eye closed, and then with both eyes closed.  Most kids noticed it was much easier to make the cubes in the bowl when both of their eyes were open.  We also read about Hellen Keller and got a chance to see and touch a Braille book.  We talked about how someone without the sense of sight can use other senses to navigate their environment and learn. 

Math: First graders have been working on making groups of ten and then counting on as we continue to explore the concept of place value!   We played a game called "Say it the Ten Way."  Kindergarten students are working on shape identification and using shapes to fill in a picture/ tangram.  

Mindfulness: In Mindfulness the K/1 students continued their Heartfulness practice by sending kind thoughts to each other. They shared how it made them feel to say something nice to someone else and how they felt to hear something nice. May you be healthy and strong. May you be happy. May you be peaceful. ❤

Second Grade

We are learning about geography as we continue to work on our salt dough land and water form.  We started dough models of land and water forms as well as making booklets with drawings and definitions of some land and water forms.In the Readers' Workshop we did Readers Theatre with two plays: The Flower Queen's Daughter and the Little Green Frog.   In math we continued to work on telling time to the 5 minute increments, counting money and addition with four double-digit numbers up to a sum of 100. In writing we continued to write our small moments in our writing journals. We also started a read aloud: The Secret Garden. Second graders continued their Hispanic country research.  Some students continued with their country animal research and others started to research traditional food and houses.  Some students researched the flowers that grow in their country of choice. 

Third Grade

Third graders continue to grow as spellers. Ask them about the doubling rule and see what you learn about adding suffixes to single syllable words. Our in-person students had the opportunity to learn about landforms with Ms. Sol and the second graders. Our distance learners learned about the upcoming election and debated whether or not kids should be allowed to vote. We are also bravely facing division in mathematics as students explore how multiplication and division are similar and different. Have a great weekend!  


This week, all of the students reviewed the words for the different colors in Spanish.  The kindergarten and first grade students really enjoyed playing a game identifying colors on their clothes.  They had to listen to the color words and then tell what part of their clothing is the color they heard.

Enjoy the fall weekend!

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