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Update from our Head of School - October 31, 2022

Dear Students and Families,

Happy Halloween! We had such a wonderful and busy week last week that I forgot to share all of the terrific things happening! We had a wonderful Trunk or Treat/Haunted Hallway on Friday evening and beautiful weather for our Halloween Parade this morning! Last week students finished their MAP test which are tests that tell us where they are academically in Math and Reading as compared to kids the same age/grade in the nation. We do this several times a year to guide us in instructional practices and to strive for academic excellence.

A special request: We are running out of tissues. If you can donate some, we'd appreciate it! We know we will need plenty in the upcoming months!

Upcoming Dates

11/6 Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser-to go 2pm-4pm Here is the link to pre-order

11/10 Parent Teacher Conferences

11/11 No school-Veterans Day

11/14 Coffee with Kerryanne 10am-11am

11/14 Coffee with Kerryanne 5:30pm-6:30pm

11/14 Board of Trustees meeting 7pm

11/23-11/24 No School-Thanksgiving Recess

Updates for the Classrooms:


This week in Kindergarten we: *Read about all 5 senses and discussed how they all work together to help us understand the world

*Compared and contrasted how the leaves and weather have changed since the first day of school to today

*Learned 4 new vowel sounds and practiced writing them with perfect pencil grip

*Represented decompositions with materials, drawings, and equations

*Counting objects in vertical, horizontal, and array configurations

*Discussed the progress of our mushroom grow kit from day 1 to day 10

First Grade

This week in first grade we:

- started practicing CVC words using onsets and rhymes!

- practice reading cvc words with all the vowels!

-played fun games where we had to change the first sound in a word to make a new word!

-started a new unit in Math learning about Geometry!

-practiced our strategies for solving subtraction and addition problems!

-finished our unit about fables and folktales!

-started a new unit learning about the systems in our bodies!

-watched the magic school bus about how scent travels to our nose and to our brain!

-did a fun scent test where students had to use their sense of smell to match the scents!

-learned about Responsibility and what it means to be responsible even when someone is not watching.


*Our school is running out of tissues! If you want to donate tissue boxes to our school we would very much appreciate it!

Second Grade

Ask your Second Grader about...

-welcoming two new wonderful students to our class, Chloe and Sydney,

-planting our strawberries in our grow tower,

-how dairy farmers ensure milk quality and safety,

-what they can do at home to keep milk fresh,

-publishing their "Runaway Pumpkin" stories,

-using the final (k) sound after a consonant or a vowel team,

-using two or more reading strategies at a time to figure out tricky words,

-solving our "Is there enough cubes for everybody?" class story problems using subtraction,

-becoming more confident with their addition facts to 20,

-earning another marble jar reward party!

Third Grade

This week in 3rd grade we:

*had a stuffie/toy reward party to celebrate 221 AWESOME choices we have made!

*learned when to use "v" or "ve" to make the /v/ sound in words

*published our final copy of our narrative stories and kept right on writing new stories when we finished

*had our subtraction with decomposing "boot camp" and began to gain confidence with solving these tricky problems

*met in our small reading groups, used the computer for reading comprehension, and wrote about our independent reading books in our reading journals

*read, discussed, and answered questions about giant squid in the Storyworks article "The Great Sea Monster Mystery"

*learned about the life cycle of bush beans and noticed how tall our plants have already gotten

*sent home our dried tomato seeds which will be ready to grow next Spring

Fourth Grade

The fourth-grade read the anthology, Home Sweet Home by Michele Dufresne. Students worked on comprehension skills and wrote about similarities and differences using a T chart. The class worked on proofreading skills and applied them to their research reports previous to publishing and submitting their final copies.

Students have moved on to area model multiplication and are using arrays and grids to decompose numbers and solve larger number multiplication problems and multi-step word problems.

The class read the story, Escape to Hope about the Irish potato famine and used that story to segue into a cultural lesson about Irish immigrants bringing over traditions that have influenced American Halloween celebrations. Students read the old Irish folklore tale; Jack of the Lantern by Kelly Hashway. Students completed the lesson as they wrote a "One Pager" about Jack O Lanterns in their writing journals.

Fifth Grade

Ask your 5th Grader about...

- Character Traits vs. Labels

- Which character they think they have the most in common with from Over the Garden Wall. And why! Which character traits do they share?

- The different multiplication strategies they've learned (Arrays, starter problems, standard algorithm.)

- What they think they'll see Monday morning in regard to their science investigation about separating a salt/water solution

- How to tell if a subject and verb agree in a sentence

- The letter they're working on for Ms. Priscilla, and how they're encorporating what they've learned about organizing text by main idea/detail

- The story they read: Fancy Dancer

- Our new pet frog :-)


In Spanish we learned about Dia de los Muertos, The Day of the Dead. The students all really liked this music video: Dia de los Muertos - Rockalingua


In STEM this week we worked in some Halloween themed challenges!

In 3-5 PE we started our archery unit! Ask them about our bows and how to be safe!

In K-2 PE we have started working on our throwing and catching skills! Ask them which game was their favorite this week!

Rural Life Lab

This week in Rural Life classes, most classes started learning about animal adaptations and habitat, while the 2nd graders worked as a team to start up their aquaponics tower of strawberries!

Note from the Cafeteria:

* Please keep checking your child's myschoolbucks account, they must have money on their account to be able to participate in ice cream fridays

~Mrs. S.


"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be yours on Halloween!"- Unknown Kerryanne Schenck Head of School Truxton Academy Charter School

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