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Update from our Head of School - September 10, 2021

Hello Families and Supporters,

Happy Friday! What a great first week of school we had! This year, we have almost 100 students in grade K-4. We are so excited to see our school grow as our students grow as well. Welcome to all our new families and welcome back to our returning families. To our new families, I send out a weekly email with important information and classroom updates every week (usually on Fridays). Please make sure to check your email for it and keep us updated if your email changes.

This week (and last week during our community building days), we started learning all the important procedures and routines for learning as well as getting to reconnect with old friends and getting to know new friends. We got pheasants as part of a repopulation program. Our students will take care of them until November and then release them here on our school grounds. The students will all be learning about the pheasants and our 3rd and 4th grade teachers are already planning some learning experiences and projects to do with them.

Tomorrow is September 11th and it is the 20th anniversary of the fateful day when so many lives were lost in NY, PA, and DC. If you wish to do so, please take some time with your family to remember the lives lost and thank the first responders who helped on that day. This link has more information for both parents and children: There is also a free virtual tour tomorrow of an exhibit called World Trade Center: Rescue, Recovery, Response through the New York State Museum. Click the link to join it if you wish.

Communication for Parents and Guardians

As a teaching team, we greatly value family communication. Throughout the year if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out directly to your child's teacher. All of the teacher's email addresses are included here:

Kayla Elliott ( Kindergarten Marci Francis ( Kindergarten/ First Grade Brianna Smith ( First Grade Jess Fallon ( Second Grade Madysen Eckhardt ( Third Grade Daniel Massarini ( Fourth Grade

Ashley Martin ( Special Education

For general questions, you can email Mrs. Leaf, Mrs. Hull, or myself:

Leaf Carmer ( Head of Operations/ Administrative Assistant

Jenny Hull ( Student Achievement Coordinator

Sara Petit-McClure ( Head of School

For questions related to medicine, please reach out to our nurse, Mrs. DeHart:

Tracy DeHart ( Homer Nurse assigned to our school

Upcoming Dates: 9/13- Board of Trustees Meeting, 7PM- Open to the public

9/21- Back to School Night- More information to come

Updates from the classrooms: Ms. Elliott (K):

We had such a great first week here in kindergarten! We've been working very hard to learn each other's names, our daily routines and become familiar with the school campus. We've played lots of games to help us feel a little more comfortable in the classroom and to get to know each other. We've also read several books including "The Kissing Hand" and "The Bunny Kindergarten" to help us get through our first time/week in school!

Mrs. Francis (K/1):

This week in K/1 we worked hard practicing what our learning time looks like and sounds like. We practiced letter names and sounds, started making counting books during math, and learned all about scientists and the tools they use. We are excited to start our first science unit next week!

Ms. Smith (1st):

First grade has been working so hard on learning routines and procedures! We have had some fun exploring the world of Science outdoors and had a birthday celebration which was so much fun! We look forward to learning more about our classmates and having a wonderful year!

Ms. Jess (2nd):

Second grade had a great first week of school! We built our classroom community with greetings in English and Spanish and played "getting to know you" games. We read the book "Be You" by Peter H. Reynolds and shared what makes each of us special. We are doing a great job learning ALL our expectations and routines! Second grade is going to have a GREAT year!

Ms. Madysen (3rd):

What an awesome week we had here in third grade! Students learned about the expectations and have been working extremely hard to meet them. We have also been getting used to our routines for reading, writing and math workshops. Third grade is going to have a fantastic year!

Mr. Daniel (4th):

We have had an exciting week! Students have decorated their classroom and lockers. Made their own rules and expectations. They have learned more things about each other as well as really embraced reading on their own. It is going to be a fun year!

Señora H (Spanish):

We had a lot of fun in Spanish class this week! In all of the classes we learned (or reviewed) greetings and read the book Margaret and Margarita, a book that celebrates the power of knowing two languages. We also learned three songs: "Me llamo" song, "Buenos Dias (or Buenas Tardes)" and "Adios Mis Amigos". Phrases and words from this week: ¿Cómo te llamas? Me llamo__. Buenos días. Buenas tardes. Adios mis amigos.

Mr. C (Music):

We introduced music class to our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders. We played some games, listened to the guitar and established classroom expectations. I'm looking forward to meeting our K, K/1, and 1st grade classes next week! It's exciting to be able to bring music to the Truxton Academy community!

Ms. Ashley (PE & Makerspace):

I am so happy that students came prepared and ready to learn this week! Not only excited to move around, but with sneakers on too! So, thank you parents for setting up your child(ren) for success this week in P.E. Additionally, students enjoyed "get to know you" games along with the P.E. expectations and rules.

During our first week in the Makerspace room most students were introduced to this new'ish class. Last year's grades K-2nd used this space to be creative thinkers, and this year they will expand on their experiences compared to last. This particular introduction week, kiddos helped decorate the room with their "hand print" designs. The room now feels complete as each grade has contributed to the aesthetic of the space!

Thank you for your continued support of our school family!

Have a great weekend!

- Sara and the Truxton Academy Team

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